Financial Relief
(Customer Assistance Programme)

For those financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Last updated 12/05/20

Let us help guide you.

During this period, we understand that many of our customers and their families may experience challenges, whether making repayments on mortgages or with cash flow and beyond.

We will offer assistance to customers impacted by COVID-19 whereby they can have their loan payments deferred for a period of 3 months with a possibility of extension for a further 3 months.  

We’re committed to working with our customers to help provide relief due to financial stress caused by COVID-19.

Our Financial Relief (Customer Assistance Programme) is designed to help if you have been impacted by COVID-19. If you have not been impacted, we strongly recommend that you continue to make your payments so that you decrease your mortgage, loans or credit card debt.  

You have the option to defer payments on your Mortgages and Real Estate Loans for up to 6 months. Get started by signing in to Scotia OnLine Banking.

Retail customers with credit cards, revolving credit lines and other term loans and auto loans, as well as business banking customers with credit cards will have their payments automatically deferred up to 6 months (first for a period of 3 months with the possibility of extension for a further 3 months).

Credit card customers can continue to make normal payments at any time, with no need to call us.

All other customers wishing to continue to make payments can continue to do so by calling at (268) 480-1500.

Customers wishing to discuss their eligibility for refinancing or consolidating their debt can call (268) 480-1500 to speak with a representative.  

Please note that for Retail customers and Business Banking customers whose payments are deferred, interest on the loan will continue to accrue, along with loan insurance cost payments due and will be payable at a later point in the loan’s cycle. 


If you have not been impacted, it is recommended that you continue to make your payments so that you decrease your mortgage or loan debt.

Not participating in the Customer Assistance Programme is easier than you think. Log in to Scotia OnLine Banking and ‘de-select’  your product.

For Credit Card, no sign up is needed.

You can continue making payments to your credit card at any time. There is no need to contact us. Making payments will help lower your outstanding balance and the interest you owe on your account.